Mudcat / Max Hightower

Date: 05/19/2018 9pm-Midnight
Venue: Rainer's Bar
Cover: w/ Sonny Thornton


Mudcat’s take on other material as well as his own comes from Americana and has its roots in blues, Zydeco, Dixieland and folk that sets him apart from other artists who are content to crank out the same blues clichés that wear out their welcome...-- Gary Weeks in Blues When Max Hightower heard the 1969 “Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters Live” album at the age of 12 — playing it from sundown to sunrise, with the batteries and tape dragging — he didn’t realize it would play such a pivotal role in his life. Sonny Thornton is one of the south’s most creative, intuitive musicians, a master drummer and a virtual legend in this region. --Eddie LeShure

Rainer's Bar

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